Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well the big Pine tree in the front yard is coming down. The Arborist said it was about 50 ft tall. You might ask why the tree is coming down? What could cause our tree plight. It is simply the guy said your tree has the blight!! It has caught an airborne bacteria. Lovely. So down it comes before it comes down on its own and on a house! So $1200 later next week our yard will be minus one very LARGE pine tree. It is bittersweet. We have talked about taking it down since we moved in 2 years ago. Well at least our emergency home repairs are going down in price. I will try to find a pic of our tree. I know I have one at work.

So the home improvement projects we were hoping to get to the lawn and new flooring in our house will once again move down the list. The joys of a fixer upper. Oh well Bennett and I still love the house.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trip To Hawaii

Well we got back from HAWAII about a month ago now. I cant believe it has been that long since we left Paradise. Of course Bennett and I are already planning on how to get back there. We had so much fun and did so much. Yet we still left with so much we wanted to do. We wnt to see our friends Missy, Kip and the 2 beautiful girls. We had a last but I wish we would have spent more time at the beach. Now Bennett and I are dying to get to San Diego. While we know ti wont be the same we are just ready for the beach scene!

I finally fullfilled a life long dream thanks to Kip. Bennett and I went snorkeling at HANAUMA BAY. It was absoulutly amazing! I even saw a GREEN Sea Turtle, one of my favorite sea animals! I even got a charm bracalet with a Sea Turtle on it. Everytime I wear I think of that amazing experience!!

We were able to go to the Temple on Sunday and walk around. The grounds were just as I had always dreamed it would be. Another life long dream was to go to the Hawaiian Temple. It was amzing the minute you stepped foot onthe grounds. You could hear music playing and smell the aroma of wonderful tropical flowers!