Friday, April 18, 2008

Where does the time go??!!

Outside on Easter Peeking under the Hammock!
Easter Morning with his basket
Daddy & Baby outside getting ready for Easter Egg hunt
EUREKA!! I found the Easter Bunny's stash
That's right..It's an egg!!

I can not believe that Kyle is now 13 months!! That is crazy! He stood by himslef for the first time last night. Bennett and I couldnt believe it!! Bennetts proud moment last night was when we were all playing ball and Kykle starting "palming" his little basketball. That kid had a good grip and just moved the ball all over the place!

School is almost over and all I can say is thank goodness!!! I took a 3 credit Excel computer class and a 4 credit Geology science class. It is crazy they only give you 1 credit for the lab. It is more stinking work then the lecture. I guess for tuition purposes I am glad that is all they charge you for! :-) Bennett couldnt be more thrilled that school for the semester is almost over. He is really a good trooper and does a great job playing Mr. Mom while I study!

May 9th is our 6th year wedding anniversary. Doesnt even seem possible! The next week we are taking Kyle on our first famiy vacation! He are going to Hawaii for 10 days!! Thank you Kip, Missy and girls for having us!!!

That is about all for now. I will try to keep up on this blogging thing a little more. My addorable niece is making me look bad! ha ha Thanks Lind-z! ;-)