Sunday, August 31, 2008

Misc Ramblings

Well I havent posted in awhile life has been pretty darn crazy. I started school last week in hopes this will be my last semester until Kyle is in school. If all goes well I will be getting my Associates in Arts in December and walking in Graduation come May. I am taking MAT 142 (critical mathmatical thinking) and FON 241 and FOn 241L (Food and Nutrition and the lab) The science classes dont start until next week. But my math teacher assigned a fair amount of homework. I got most of it done yesterday.

Kyle's sitter couldnt watch him this Friday so Bennett and I tookt he day off. It was thrilling!! I took a day just because and it felt great! I took Kyle into to work to show him off and they couldnt believe how big he has gotten! Of course he reveled in all the attention of mostly girls. Then we took kyle out to get him so new shoes. And Bennett attended "Menrichment" at church that night.

Bennett was selected to be on an opinion panel for KTAR. He was so excited! He had fun, they fed them and he got a goody bag full of neat things from the sponser Traveler's insurance. He got a t-shirt, sticky notes, car air freshener and his favorite a $50 gift card! Score!!! He thought they would draw for it but everyone got one.

Kyle starts at Cactus Preschool on Tuesday. I am excited and nervous. My little man is growing up and going to pre-preschool! ha ha I am excited for the interaction he will have. I worry sometimes about him beign the only one at home. I am nervous because I didnt see him going to a school type setting for at least another year. But it is a nice place. The 1 & 2 yr ols have their own playground, they have a music program, they tailor the curiculum for the little kids. It is close to work, Bennett and I both liked it. But the reason for the new shoes was becuase he has to wear closed toe shoes. We will see how he likes them.

Well this is longer then I inteded it to be. Especially since I didnt I had anything to write about!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And he is off!!

Well a couple weeks ago Kyle took a few steps all by himself. First he took 3 steps after I got home and we were playing. Then when his daddy got home he took 2 steps with hima nd I was able to get it on film! He is trying harder and harder to walk. Last Friday we would stand up with his legs stretched far apart and when he tried to take a step he would fall. But he thought this was to funny and soon started playing that way. he would stand up lift his leg and fall over on purpose! ha ha When we was walking he would take anywhere from 3-7 steps on his own! I told Bennett I think we need to brace ourselves!
In the video it is kind of hard to see. But Bennett lets go right at the end and Kyle takes a couple steps.