Friday, September 17, 2010

Spring For A Cure Carnival

I am planning a fundraiser for "Children's Tumor Foundation". CTF is a foundation that supports families dealing with Neurofibromatosis. They currently are making great strides and have drugs in clinicial studies. They hold conferences to help and support families, they have a lot of literature available and help the NF community come together and support each other.

There is currently NO cure for NF. Families are left to deal with the devastation it can leave behind. As many of you know Kyle has a brain tumor on his optical nerve. After 13 months of chemo the tumor is only stable and he is permanently blind in his right eye. This has been a tough year and I cant sit by and not do something to help others and to help improve Kyle's future. I have met many amazing mothers who loving are strong for their children. I met a mom with a 5 yr old girl who had to make the incredibly difficult decision to have her daughters leg amputated. I met another mother that didnt get to make a choice. The choice was made for her and after her sons NF turned malignent he was gone in a year after a brave fight.

There is NO cure for the condition that rules the lifes of our children. What will you do to help find a cure.

for more information. The carnival is tentatively set for March 5, 2011. I am in need for volunteers. The carnival itself will run for about 3 hours and then set-up and cleaning. Even if you can only help for a couple hours. Anything and everything will be so appreciated. We are also looking for concession food machines (popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs), Photographers, businesses or groups to sponsor carnival booths, & printing services.