Monday, February 16, 2009

But I am just here for a pair of cute glasses

We took Kyle to the eye doctor thinking he might have a lazy eye. From everyone I had talked to I figured our options were 1) do nothing 2) eye patch 3) cute pair of glasses or 4) surgery. Well when the specialist came in he said he was really concerned with the vision in his right eye. Kyle didn't really react to anything the doctor flashed in front of him when he covered the left eye. The doc said he wsant really using his vision in that eye. He was also concerned because Kyle's right eye sticks further out than his left one. When we dilated the eye he said there were signs of pressure on the nerve on the backside of his eye. He said it was swollen, irritated and showed some signs of hemorrhaging. He said it could be a bone growth, a tumor or something else (i cant remember what he said). He just kept saying he was concerned (which wasn't really helping me stay calm) and that we needed to get him in for a ct scan as soon as possible. So if they couldn't get us in soon he told us that he would have us go to the ER so they could get it done. He said they would call us by end of day last Thursday to let us know if they got us an appointment of if we need to take him to the ER. I left thinking but wait I was here for some cute glasses.

When we went for the ct scan I was running late because I initially went into the wrong building. There are a lot of building at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Anyway we went to admitting and they put a bracelet on Kyle. He didn't like that at all. I thought oh no this is going to be rough. They finally called us back. The tech was a really nice guy and asked if I thought he would lay still. Well I honestly didn't think he would. But the tech said well lets try anyway. So we went in the room and there were Disney cut outs all over the walls and the machine. They had a hand held dvd player for Kyle to hold and put on Nemo. They also had a Elmo doll the size of Kyle and they put it on the machine and showed Kyle what it would do. Then they asked Kyle if he would like a turn. He eagerly laid down and they got him buckled in. He laid there like a champ and let them take the "pictures" they needed to. They gave him a beanie baby and we were out of there by 12:58 (our appointment was for 1pm)!! I asked how soon the doc would get the results, they said it might be Monday. Once the radiologist signs off on the scans they are electronically sent to the doctor. So we settled in for a long weekend.

Kyle did great all day Friday. We had a couple rough moments when he couldn't eat or drink. I felt so bad as he asked for juice and I couldnt give him any. On the way home he downed some serious juice and enjoyed some fishy crackers. he was a little lethargic on the way home but once he got some fluids and something to eat he perked right up. A few hours after getting home he started sounded sick. Well he ended up pretty sick all weekend. We even cancelled our babysitter for V-day night. I know it sounds wierd but I am so thankful he was just the right amount of sick to lay still on that table. I honestly believe that was Heavenly Father taking care of me. I was worried about them sedating him. I had to take him alone and I was nervous. But he wasnt so sick that they wouldnt do the scan. I really loved all the cuddle time I received this weekend. To bad it was theresult of him being so sick.

Well it is Monday and the doctor called this morning. Kyle has a tumor in his optical nerve. He is referring us to a pediatric neurosurgeon, we should get in to him in the next day or two and then we will be going for an MRI, where they will also be checking his other optical nerve. The tumor is benign and most likely due to a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis from his dad’s side. Thank you so much for all the prayers (from those that already know). We will have several appointments with the eye specialist after the neurosurgeon is done with whatever ends up happening to monitor Kyle and the vision in that eye. We will make sure to keep everyone updated. And to think I had myself all excited for a cute pair of glasses! ha ha

The lord has truely comforted us already and helped so many people be intune to help us get procedures and appointments quickly. We have amazing home teachers that have been there for us along with family and a multitude of friends that have helped us through the last several days. Thank you for all the prayers and continued prayers on our behalf.

We love you all
Bennett,Brittney & Kyle

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Apartment for Rent

I know it has been a long time since I have posted and I have pictures of the finished porch I will post later. I just wanted to get this information posted as soon as I could.

Our tenants are leaving the middle/end of March. We are very sad to see them go but are happy and excited for them and they new adventures that await them. So our apartment will be available. If anyone is looking for a place or knows someone who is the information is below. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks.

1 bed/1 bath
Fullsize washer/dryer
Small outside porch area
Storage area
Tenants pay for electric/trash