Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ode to my niece!

I have the coolest 13 year old niece. I remember the day she was born. I was 16 and working at House of Fabrics. All of my customers that day knew I was an Aunt for the first time! Of course my regulars knew she was coming because the minute I knew Marian was pregnant I told them! ha ha I was fortunate enough to go to her blessing. I even helped make her blessing dress. I had a wonderful time (even if marian took a picture of me sleeping with rollers in my hair and put it in the scrapbook, yes marian I still remember you told me you wouldnt) I was able to go to Lindsay's baptism a few years ago and I hope to see her next year.

What has always impressed me about my niece is how caring she is and always wants to help others. On one visit to see their family We ended up at the hospital and Lindsay needed an x-ray of her leg. She was nervous and asked me to go with her not her I felt like a million bucks! It was so special to me and I still remember feeling so good I could be there to comfort her. A few weeks later Marian told me that Lindsay had a $1 and wanted to go and give it to the Children at the hospital. Now she was 5 if I remember. Another time she saved up some $ and her dad took her to buy toys and donated them to some children. She helped out in her brothers PE class to help her brother. Lindsay has always been a great example to me.

She has a wicked awesome blog she loves 60's stuff and loves a lot of the same things I did growing up (and still do). She loved going to the batting cages with Uncle Bennett last time they were here. (Which was awhile ago!) She has great taste in music. She is just plain cool.

I cant believe my little niece is now a teenager. My only regret is that in recent years I havent spent nearly enough time going to see my family that lives so far away. I hope she knows how many great memories I have of her and how proud I am of her.

Love ya Lindsay!!!