Saturday, December 27, 2008


So a couple weeks ago Bennett and I had retired to bed. I had been up to almost 10pm (which is late for me) and was exhausted. I figured I better get some sleep before Kyle decided to wake up. well the next thing I know Bennett is flying out of the room at lightening speed yelling "what was that!". My first thought was oh my gosh it is a home invader and Bennett is goign to get killed. Dont know why I thought that but it was the first thing that came to mind after being woke up like that.

Well apparently this is what made the noise that startled him so......

That is right. Our porch ceiling caved in. Well imagine my suprise when I get out there and the Gardners are out there to as they also heard it. I slept right through it. Thankfully Kyle did also. So the Gardners helped us lift it off our car. As that big piece you see was still hanging from the porch ceiling. They held it so Bennett could drive out from under it. Thankfully the car only suffered some scuffs and scratches. Then Jared got up on a car and clipped down that whole big piece. While I was cleaning up the mess in subsequent days I was amazed at how heavy it was. Our porch celing was sheetrock nailed to woode beams with chicken wire stretched over it and then plaster (a pretty good sized layer) over that. So now we are trying to get quotes to get it fixed. It isnt covered under our warranty and is to small for an insurance claim. So if anyone knows anyone that does this kind of work let us know. Below are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. The day after it happened I had already planned on being home because Kyle was sick. Well I ran out to the truck to get something and I told Kyle NOT to follow me. Well we started to but he looked up and saw the mess and stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes were big and round when he exclaimed "Uh Oh!" and wouldnt go near it. Up until I got it all cleaned up which was just this Friday he would stop and say "Uh Oh" and "where'd it go?" Oh the joys of owning an older home. And I have no idea why my pics are posting all funny. Sorry